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Having been a professional freelance illustrator/designer for the last 20 years, if there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s that it takes more than an ability to draw.


My clients may initially work with me because they see a style and look they want, but they continue to rely on me because I’ve learned, this is still a business. This means:


• If you call and I’m available, I will answer

• If you email me, I’ll email you back usually within a few minutes

• Saturday evening and you need something for Monday?  Yes.

• And most importantly, we’re going to stay on budget, and hit your deadline.


I realize these may sound like rare traits in an artist, but ask any of my clients and they’ll tell you that I take my work very seriously, even when we’re having fun with the content of the project.  And before I’m labeled “old fashioned”, it’s important to note that you may find yourself getting pulled into my adventurous spirit.  When I’m not drawing I can be found on motorcycles, world traveling (25 countries and counting), running marathons, outdoor sports with my two sons and husband, hosting exchange students, and on a never-ending quest for the perfect wine pairing. Pushing my limits provides the energy and balance to continue to show my clients something new and fresh.




variety is the spice of life

Or perhaps the spice of an interesting career.


2015 was a very spicy year. In spicy I mean lot of different types of projects and in many styles. One of my favorites was creating giant Photoshop paintings for a stage set. The paintings were output onto canvas and stretched over panels that are going to be reused each year for a Holiday Pageant. I lost count on how many panels there were, but my guess would be 50 or so individual set panels. Most were landscapes but all were digitally painted in Photoshop. Which I LOVE doing but don't get nearly enough projects that require it. Darn... So hear this theater companies, I LOVE painting sets digitally, feel free to call anytime.


Another great gig was a Graphic Recording job for Exterro. I spent two days learning all about the challenges of being a corporate lawyer and dealing with pending lawsuits and collecting pertinent emails, and communications of employees. And I thought my job was challenging sometimes. Ha. I sat in on different break out sessions and drew imagery to help explain the legalize as well as to capture the overarching concepts. I learned a lot and the attendees seemed to really enjoy the finished products. Many people were taking pictures of the graphic recordings and using them for notes. Success.


And in between those projects were holiday cards, an instruction manual, signs for small towns and countless others. I really feel that one of the keys to survival as an illustrator today is versatility. And although that is counter to what I was taught in college it has served me well. So to you young illustrators, don't be afraid to say yes to a project that makes you stretch. There is far more growth in the edges of ones career, than in the middle.


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