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I have a professional career in Illustration and Graphic Design that spans 20 years, I bring both talent and professionalism to every project. I pride myself on having excellent communication skills and believe they are paramount to project success. I am proud of my skills as a versatile Illustrator and Designer as well as my ability to work with my customers to ensure I create the best product. I live in Portland, Oregon with my two dogs (one dumb and one smart), two sons (both smart), and an amazing husband (also smart).


creative circle thank you

Just the other day I got an email from my husband who works in the industry as a UX designer. The email had an email promo from Creative Circle. Below is the posting:




Karyn is a sr. illustrator / designer who is a career freelancer with 11+ years of experience working with brands such as Adidas, Crayola, Nike, Hewlett-Packard, Countrywide Home Loans, and more. Karyn has worked on a wide range of projects spanning photo retouching, infographics, trade show graphics, POS, post cards, web design, icons, brochures, mockups, PowerPoint presentations - the list goes on! Some fun projects worth noting - she created product and installation illustrations for HP, did some fabric design work for JoAnn Fabric, created illustrative desktop backgrounds for Windows, and even started out as a caricature artist at Opryville! Recently for Vinmotion she was filmed doing quick sketches for an internal video. She's fluent in Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, Flash, Fireworks, and PowerPoint. Karyn is easy to work with, is quick as a wink, and is available for freelance and full-time opportunities.


How awesome is that? Honestly, as much as I try and promote myself, the best work, and the best promotion is from other sources. I am so grateful to have made so many contacts in the industry. Most importantly, the lesson I glean from this promo, is that it is paramount to nurture these types of relationships. I don't burn bridges, I don't drop the ball. It is my highest priority to make good on promises. I believe this is my 'brand management' and it is what elevates my career from 'getting by' to 'doing well'.




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